Alienware Area 51-M Notebooks - Investigating Class Action Options


Hi, I’m David Kani, a class action lawyer at Hochfelsen and Kani law firm in California.

Our law firm is investigating reports that Dell Computer’s making false promises regarding its Alienware Area 51M notebooks on the grounds of alleged false advertising.

Here’s what Dell did and why Alienware Area 51M notebook buyers are legitimately outraged and may be able to join in on a class action lawsuit for refunds and damages.

Dell launched the Alienware  Area 51M in January of 2019 on the promise that its core components, its CPU and GPU would be fully upgradeable. Dell demanded a significant premium for what it told consumers was this “unprecedented upgradeability”.

But now Dell has all but confirmed that the Alienware Area 51M, in fact, cannot be upgraded to the new INTEL CPU and the new line of NVIDIA GPUs.

When the seller of a product makes and express or an implied representation that their products have certain characteristics where in fact they do not have those characteristics, the seller of that product could be held legally liable.

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