David Kani Expertise

California trial lawyer David Kani helps people and companies assert their rights in all state and federal courts across the state. Based in Orange County, with a statewide practice, David’s focus areas include:

Real Estate Disputes

Southern California’s most valuable and productive assets, beyond its entrepreneurial business community, are real estate related. Mr. Kani handles legal quarrels related to the full spectrum of Orange County and LA County real estate issues. Among those are:

  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Wrongful commercial foreclosures
  • Ownership disagreements
  • Premises liability and other use related lawsuits
  • Purchase and sale litigation
  • Liens, easements, bankruptcies, and title challenges

Raised in a real estate investment family, David’s intuitive understanding of Southern California real estate disputes is invaluable in addressing complex, high-value, challenges to his clients’ rights, makes him a uniquely able negotiator and litigator.

Cannabis Industry Litigation

The billion dollar Green Rush sector has created a tsunami of investment and commercial activity, all taking place amidst byzantine and conflicting regulations and carried out by well-meaning but grossly inexperienced business people, funded by patchworks of non-investment savvy private investors - all with little or no government oversight.

Then, in this landscape, each commercial entity encounters all the usual business and legal challenges from employment disputes to shareholder actions against officers and directors.

David’s legal expertise in the California cannabis sector includes:

  • Real estate (retail, distribution, grow operations, and labs) disagreements
  • Investor litigation including shareholder derivative actions
  • Employment disputes from contracts to wages to sexual harassment
  • Federal and state regulatory defense
  • Lawsuits between companies
  • Cannabis sectors commercial disputes of every sort

As California’s marijuana industry grows and matures, unique legal issues and disagreements arise seemingly every month. As an active industry participant, David understands both the entrepreneurial and company management mindsets within the industry and thus is in an advantageous position as an Orange County trial lawyer serving the litigation and negotiation needs of all cannabis industry participants.

Commercial Lawsuits

The pace and complexity of California’s business landscape naturally creates disputes and disagreements of every sort and type. Add to this mosaic the occasional fraudster, frequently over-reaching financial institutions, and company managements addressing constantly shifting regulatory environments and commercial lawsuits are the result.

David addresses commercial disputes including:

  • Intellectual property violations
  • Contractual disputes
  • Startup conflicts
  • Healthcare industry lawsuits
  • Investor claims and management defense

David’s experience runs the gamut from class actions to injunctive relief and everywhere between.

When your rights or your commercial assets are at risk. David is an experienced and steady hand in any and every California federal and state court.

Mr. Kani’s highly effective trial approach is based on an in-depth understanding of his clients’ underlying business models, their industries, and the legal rules and business realities of those sectors.

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